Fine-Tuning Entity Recognition with NuMind's Foundation Models & Transfer Learning

Save Time, Maximize Precision with NuMind's Advanced Entity Tagging

NuMind, where data and entity recognition get an upgrade. Our tool, fueled by deep learning and Language Models, quickly spots and pulls out the info you need. It's like having a data-savvy assistant on your team. It helps you save time & get precise results.

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Speed up sentiment analysis with NuMind’s active learning

Rely on state-of-the-art sentiment analysis foundation model

Combine active learning, powerful generic foundation models and a great UX in one single tool. Label, train and test on the fly to automate sentiment analysis applications 10x faster.

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Simplify Text Classification with NuMind's Task-Specific LLMs

Complete your NLP classification projects 10x faster

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With NuMind’s desktop tool, create your custom text classification NLP model with limited annotation, live training and testing. Invest little effort and time for great machine learning performances.

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Fine-Tuning  Entity Recognition with  NuMind's Foundation Models & Transfer Learning

Check how our customers have improved Entity recognition with NuMind:

For all industries & company sizes:

  • Document Extraction: Automate the task of summarizing lengthy documents, providing concise and clear content that saves time for your readers.
  • Content Summarization: Extract key details and summarize documents, get to the most important information quickly.
  • Automated Extraction: Collect and organize valuable information from text data, improving efficiency.


  • Case Details Extraction: Automatically extract essential case details from legal documents, such as case numbers, parties involved, and key dates, simplifying case management.
  • Legal Terminology Identification: Recognize and categorize legal terms, enabling legal professionals to quickly locate and understand complex legal jargon within documents.


  • Employee Record Management: Maintain employee records by automatically recognizing and storing employee details, work histories, and performance evaluations, simplifying HR operations.
  • Employee Feedback Analysis: Analyze employee feedback to understand employee satisfaction levels and identify areas that need improvement.


  • Content moderation: Automatically identify and categorize suspicious activities like unusual transaction patterns and unrecognized customer information, and stay ahead of fraudulent schemes.
  • Financial News Analysis: Extract entities from financial news, such as company names and market indicators, allow investors to analyze sentiment accurately, make informed decisions, and save time.
  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting: Simplify compliance by recognizing regulatory entities and key dates, facilitating real-time monitoring and reporting to ensure adherence to financial regulations.

NuMind is flexible, user-friendly, and efficient, making it a smart choice for all your text needs.  NuMind simplifies the complex – try it out today!

Speed up sentiment analysis with NuMind’s active learning

Check out how our customers, regardless of their scale or industry, are leveraging NuMind for text sentiment analysis :

For all industries and company sizes

  • Customer Support Routing: Allocate customer inquiries, and enable efficient routing to the appropriate departments or resources. Simplify issue resolution, and reduce response time.
  • Toxicity detection: Identify and filter out toxic or offensive content in user-generated data, and maintain a safe user experience within applications and platforms.


  • Document Analysis: Analyze the sentiment conveyed in legal briefs, get insights into the arguments presented, and prepare appropriate counterarguments.
  • Contract Risk Assessment :Automate contract analysis, swiftly identify risks, and simplify your due diligence for informed decision-making.

Recruiting & HR

  • Diversity and Inclusion Assessment: Assess sentiments related to diversity and inclusion within job postings, application processes, and hiring practices.
  • Topic Identification: Simplify content analysis by categorizing central themes in documents.


  • Credit Risk Evaluation: Assesses the sentiment in credit reports and financial data to make more informed and cautious lending decisions, reducing the risk of loan defaults make it short.
  • Portfolio Management: Identify trends, risks, and sentiment shifts in news articles and financial reports to extract insights from text-based information & make data-driven investment decisions.

Simplify complex NLP text analysis with NuMind – top-notch sentiment analysis, toxicity detection, and multilingual capabilities for high-performance results. Try NuMind now and see the difference.

Simplify Text Classification with NuMind's Task-Specific LLMs

In need for some inspiration? Check our Customers’ use cases:

For all industries and company sizes

  • Content Classification: From products to emails and user-generated content, understand the content and classify it to enhance organization and decision-making across various applications.
  • Topic Classification: Assign relevant categories or topics to different forms of content like articles, documents, or discussions. Simplify content management and retrieval based on subject matter.


  • Contract Type Classification: Automatically categorize legal contracts into employment, real estate, intellectual property… classes.
  • Legal Document Classification: Assign legal documents to relevant legal categories or case types using advanced sentence classification techniques.
  • Affidavits & patents: Categorize patent descriptions or affidavit content  & identify areas of concern, disagreement, or contention within legal documents, using the review process.

Recruiting & HR

  • Industry-based Classification:  Automate the matching of candidates with job postings based on their skills and qualifications.
  • Employees’ feedback Classification: Use text classification to identify recurring training needs and continuously adapt and address evolving skill gaps.


  • News Article Categorization: Automatically sort news articles into precise categories, such as market trends, investment strategies, and industry insights & keep your content organized and accessible.
  • Investment Report Categorization: Categorize research reports based on asset classes, sectors, risk levels, and market trends using multi-label text classification.

Customer support

  • Sentiment Classification: Categorize and understand sentiments in text data, including reviews and emails, to offload your customer service.
  • Toxicity detection: Detect and categorize offensive content and discriminatory language in online content.

With NuMind's live performance report, you can test your model’s robustness as you train. This is the best and fastest way to get very high quality text data, so go with NuMind now. Say goodbye to manual work and hello to a smarter way to understand text.