Welcome to the NuMind Desktop App FAQs. Here, you'll find everything you need to optimize your experience with the tool. Whether you're just starting out with NLP or are a seasoned professional, we've streamlined information to ensure you get the most out of NuMind. Let’s begin!

1. What is NuMind?

NuMind is your innovative desktop tool designed for creating custom NLP models tailored precisely to your data. Suitable for CTOs, scientists, engineers, and analysts alike, NuMind provides the latest R&D for labeling, training, and monitoring your models in real-time, accommodating both small and large datasets. It’s the ultimate tool for accelerating your NLP projects.

2. What NLP tasks can I perform with NuMind?

NuMind serves as a versatile toolkit for a wide array of information understanding tasks such as classification and entity recognition (NER), along with advanced generative tasks like structured extraction. It is designed to support projects of varying scope across any industry.

3. Why is NuMind a game-changer?

NuMind revolutionizes the NLP workflow with a new paradigm: humans teach the AI like a professor teaches a student. The major benefit: little annotation for very high performance. You can rely on homemade foundation models, active learning and auto fine-tuning at the core of features like real-time data labeling, model training and performance tracking. Also, NuMind offers support for multilingual models, simplified data and model sharing, collaborative tools, GPU optimization, and extensive API access. In short, it is your new NLP powerhouse.

4. How do I begin using NuMind?

Start by visiting our website and clicking "Get started." Register, choose your plan, and you will receive an email with a download link. Installation requires only a simple initial setup online, and then you can operate the application offline.

5. What are the system requirements for NuMind?

NuMind is compatible with laptops having at least 8GB of memory and supports MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

6. How do I access NuMind?

You can log in directly on our website and youare automatically connected through the app to start your NLP journey.

7. How do I initiate an NLP project with NuMind?

Follow the step-by-step tutorial available on our website or within the app to kickstart your project. You can also book an onboarding with the team if you feel that you could use some human assistance.

8. Do I need to be a tech expert to deploy my model?

Not at all. We provide a Docker Image featuring a containerized Rest API to simplify deployment.

9. How frequently does NuMind update?

We continuously enhance NuMind and provide seamless updates across all operating systems.

10. What are the pricing options for NuMind?

NuMind offers a range of plans: Freemium for individual users, Solo for more robust features, Team for collaborative projects, and Enterprise for tailored solutions. Freemium is complimentary, while Solo and Team are available via subscription. For Enterprise details, please contact us directly.

11. How do I manage my NuMind account?

You can manage your account settings and preferences by logging in on our website.

12. What if I encounter issues with NuMind?

For immediate assistance, refer to our FAQ, join our Discord community, or submit a ticket and our technical team will revert. We’re here to help.

13. How secure is my data with NuMind?

Your data is securely protected in accordance with EU regulations. We follow high standards of data security and privacy and  only store the minimal data necessary to operate NuMind.

14. Can I change my NuMind plan?

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime in your Profile accessible through the app or website.

15. How do I cancel my plan?

To cancel, simply log into your account on our website, navigate to account settings, and follow the instructions.

16. Where can I find the terms and conditions?

They are available on our website; you can review our T&Cs at any time.

17. How can I give feedback?

We value your feedback and are eager to hear how you want NuMind to evolve. Connect with us on  Discord or shoot an email to support@numind.ai.