Full Time
France (Paris or remote)

Senior Machine Learning Scientist

NuMind is a tool to create NLP models (e.g. classifiers and entity detectors). The user provides information about the task (e.g. by labeling documents), and the computer creates models automatically.

Your job will be to make this happen in the most effective way. This will involve reading academic papers, designing & testing various machine learning solutions, and implementing these solutions directly into NuMind. R&D topics include:

  • Transfer learning, Few-shot learning
  • Use of large language models
  • Active learning
  • Automatic machine learning
  • Distillation

This position is for someone who has both a researcher and engineer mindset.

You will directly work with our CEO, who was head of Machine Learning at Wolfram Research.


  • Setting up benchmarks to test ML solutions
  • Identifying & testing existing ML solutions
  • Designing & testing new ML solutions from scratch
  • Implementing selected solutions into the product
  • Staying up to date with relevant NLP research


  • Expert-level understanding of machine learning
  • Ability to design, train, test machine learning models (esp. deep learning models)
  • Ability to conduct machine learning research (e.g. conducting experiments, drawing conclusions, communicating results)
  • Ability to develop production-grade code
  • Good understanding of the following field: statistics, computer science (esp. data structures & algorithms), and numerical analysis